Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Too much detail!

So what do you do when you fall in love with a canvas and you have just the perfect spot picked out to display it, but it's got sooooooo many details and shades that you just can't possibly stitch it and do it justice?

Brenda Hart has this oh-so-cool idea that works like a charm.  You stitch over the entire piece with one stitch in a very light coverage.

Yes, it's sort of shadow stitching but what's different is Brenda's choice of stitch.  If you look close it is a series of concentric squares.  When you look at the finished canvas from any normal viewing angle all you see is a hint of sparkle bringing the beautifully painted canvas to life.  This is a Lani canvas that looks great with a light coat of sparkle stitching.

Think about this for that next canvas that's a stumper and it may just save the day.  Variations of this stitch can be found in Brenda Hart's wonderful stitch books.  Simply adapt the size and shape to fit the scale of your canvas.

Kudos, Brenda. 
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