Monday, March 12, 2012

Flowers are blooming!

Today was the final class of the Poinsettia Lady Mystery at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  Our Poinsettia Lady is now finished!  She has come to the party dressed in her finest with a gift for the hostess.  I saved the big wow stuff for the last class.  This is all the dimensional stuff that I love doing. 

The poinsettias are Silk Ribbon.  Come on now, you knew it was coming. :-)  This canvas screamed for silk ribbon!  We worked the flowers in layers according to the shading painted using 3 shades of silk ribbon.

Darkest petals first.

 Medium petals next.

Lightest petals on top.

And finally the lightest petals. 
There isn't a huge shade variation between the colors, but enough that it adds depth.

The finishing touch was adding a little more shading and highlighting with metallics on top of the silk ribbon.

The part that I really thought was the most fun was the hair flower.  I wanted it to look like an old fashioned beaded flower that she popped into her hair.  So, first the stitching, then the beads on wire, then the twisting and tacking into place.  Really fun and really gratifying when the plan comes together.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Sunday.
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