Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hippity Hop

Did the Easter Bunny visit you today?

Here's my own personal Easter Bunny.  I finished him this morning. He is sooo darn cute.

This is the Michael Stoebner Spring Bunny canvas from my line.  Brenda Hart selected some of the stitches and my Mom stitched him between a few other projects.  She's about as amused with doing ribbon work as some of the rest of my stitching friends out there, so back it came to me. 

I love doing all the fussy stuff.  Twisted Ribbon roses and Swarovski pearls in his basket.

Folded Ribbon roses and Lazy Daisy leaves in the flowered field.

The big flower was the challenge.  I wanted to sculpt it from ribbon.  It's big and still needed to look as it was painted.  I started with two loops of 7mm ribbon, looping the ribbon front to back and tucking the edges underneath the front loop.  A tiny stitch from the front to the back of the canvas through both layers of the ribbon hold it all in place.

Next up, two Japanese Ribbon Stitches to frame the first layer with a French Knot on a Stem in the middle.

More Japanese Ribbon Stitches worked with 7mm ribbon again finish the flower.  Work a layer or a petal at a time.  With each stitch I looked at which side I wanted the ribbon to curve toward and put the piercing stitch on that edge of the ribbon.

Finally one more Swarovski pearl and tah duh!  The flower is finished.

The perfect end to a fun and happy canvas.

Go eat some chocolate.  Happy Easter.

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