Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Today's class (lesson number 2 in the Pear Collage) was all about bubbles.  In my head it was all about bubbles, stitches inside bubbles and stitches outside bubbles.

I'm not sure what the ladies in class thought it was about.  Maybe a lesson in frustration :-)

No worries, it isn't that bad.

The pattern in the top stripe is one of my favorite panels.  It's a pretty lime green with lacy white circles.  The same thread is used throughout the panel but the stitch changes inside the circles and outside the circles.  Same thread, same number of plies, totally different look.  Depth magically appears.  The space inside the bubbles goes back in the distance.  Once the white circles are beaded we have foreground, mid-ground and background.  Pretty cool.

There is a thin dark stripe between the top panel and the Montenegrin we did in lesson number 1.  It's a simple repeat of Upright Stitches over a metallic thread.

Finally we started the lower section with the dark bubbles.  The smallest circles are two different sizes of tiny jessicas.  Once you learn how to stitch a jessica they really are pretty easy and incredibly gratifying.  Pay attention to the count.

We meet again in 3 weeks;  I think we'll do more bubbles!  The pears are coming, I promise.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and sign up for the classes and come to class and listen to my thought process. Love you all.

A special hi to the In Stitches girls in Atlanta. Judy, I hope you are enjoying following the pears. 

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