Monday, April 30, 2012

Time really does fly!

Here it is Monday evening and Brenda Hart is on her way back home.  Her visits are always tooo short.

We had a wonderful time and loved every minute of the embellishment class she taught at Bedecked and Beadazzled.

Each stitcher had a different canvas.

Judy worked on her Charley Harper birds a bit but then got distracted by this great EyeCandy canvas and needed threads and stitches for it.

Mary brought her snowman from the last class back to inspire us all to a finish!

Look at the progress she is making on this new piece. Brenda picked many stitches last time and more this class!  Gotta love Laurel Burch!

Everyone works so hard in between their turns.

Brenda works hardest of all.  Selecting the perfect stitches to enchant and challenge us.

Barbara started my favorite Tapestry Fair canvas with threads and stitches that I selected and then brought it to Brenda for the next level of embellishment. 

 This of course means bullions and cast on stitches.  These are two of Brenda's favorite stitches and we always tease her by groaning loudly when she issues the challenge.  I do have video of Brenda demonstrating the stitches and I may even be able to upload it here.  One can hope :-)

 Boars?  Who says needlepoint is boring.  Okay, couldn't resist.  Check these guys out.  I love them! 

 Kathy started this incredible Lani geisha canvas.  

Mostly she worked on her son's stocking with a little help from his older sister Katie.  Deadlines had to be met and she was determined to leave this with me for finishing. It is an amazing piece of needlework!  Way to go Kathy!

Katie had her own project that she worked on over the weekend.  EyeCandy owls are always a fun choice.

Check out the background on this Maggie canvas.  Love the flowers. 

 Carole got lots of stitching one on her Ewe & Eye teacup.  It's going to be soooo cool.

Palma is doing an amazing job with this Sharon G canvas.  It looks like soooo much fun to stitch.

Well there you have it.  A fun weekend was had by all.  Thanks for coming ladies.  See you soon.

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