Sunday, June 24, 2012

New from Charley Harper!

We all love Charley Harper, so the minute I heard there were new canvases I ordered!  These are all on their way to the shop.

Biodiversity in the Burbs is amazing!! It's big, 27.5 x 34.5 on 18ct but it is amazing.  Deer, dog, raccoon, cat, turtle, squirrel, turkey, ladybug, fox, flamingo and sooooo much more!

 I can't resist Convivial Pursuit.  Look at these guys, just chillin and playing.  14 x 14 on 13ct.

 Perfect for the shore we have Caribbean Cruisers.  14 x 9.5 on 13ct.

Wrented is another hysterical canvas, a wren has made his home inside a skull.  12" x 16" on 13ct.

Finally, we have Green Cuisine that is just such a happy, colorful piece.  I'd love to see this hanging above a door.  25.5 x 7 on 13ct.

Charley Harper canvases are great for showcasing the graphic side of stitches.
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