Sunday, July 08, 2012

The fun is just beginning!

Here it is the 8th of July.  Summer is upon us.  We need something cool and refreshing and ├╝ber colorful to stitch.  What could be better than EyeCandy?

Today was lesson #2 of the EyeCandy Needleart Garden Party Heart Mod Collage.  It's coming together nicely. So fun to stitch.

We're still working on the background.  We need to keep it somewhat light so that the center heart can pop.  Hopefully we'll be able to build that area up to make it all come together.  I do have a few ideas :-)

The painted dots are a continuation of the background behind them but now we are stitching the pattern completely.  No open spaces.

The hearts are super fun to stitch.  Four different patterns that all connect. One flows from the next to the next.  We could really put any stitch in any area and it would be fine, but you run the risk of making it a hodge podge.  So by selecting stitches that are all derivatives of one another we can keep everything looking cohesive. All 4 pattern stitches have a Cross Stitch as one of the components.  The only rule is that 2 Cross Stitches shouldn't touch.

I gave everyone the choice of how they wanted to stitch their hearts.  You can either keep things consistent within a color, so all raspberry sections are the same. Or you can keep things consistent within the areas, so the top left section will always be the same stitch no matter what color it is.  See what you decide.

Here we are, left side of background complete.   Shall we do the right side next or shall we jump into the heart.  Join us in class in two weeks (either live or long distance) to see what I decided to do.

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