Friday, July 13, 2012

Just in Time for Summer

The Spring Bunny hops in to town!

Don't you just love the frame? This is a new line of frames that I am crazy about!  You all know I think there is never enough color.  There's also never enough pattern.

I love Etro and Mackenzie Childs and Emilio Pucci.  Pattern on top of pattern on top of pattern.

The frame is lucite and has circles carved and painted into the back.  Too cool.  You can have any color you want for the background and any color for the design.  It's all totally custom.  This frame is cream metallic with cream.  So subtle, so elegant and so perfect for my Spring Bunny.

This is the Spring Bunny canvas by Michael Stoebner that I had so much fun embellishing Easter weekend.  Ribbons and beads, and buttons Oh my!  Let us know if you would like a kit.  We're happy to put one together for you.
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