Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Look what can be done

We all laugh that when we have these embellishment classes that we really don't accomplish anything.  Oh yes, we leave with a million cool new ideas but we rarely get more than a stitch or two on the canvas.

We start a ridiculous number of threads and have spaghetti hanging here there and everywhere off our canvases.

It is however, possible to accomplish a lot.

Especially if you are A) A beautiful stitcher and B) driven!

Sue is both.  Allow me to document two days of Sue stitching with Julia.


Here it is, Sue's turn and she's furiously taking notes.  Perhaps we all need a mini seminar in shorthand?

The owl body in Roof Stitch is a quick stitch.  Okay, that's gratifying.  Now, on to the wings.

Layers and layers of Crescents in an overdye silk.  It's all one color. Silk n'Colors 208. How cool is that?  And the nose is a fern stitch.  This is going kinda quick.

And here's our girl a little tired but having a great time because, the owl is finished!!!!

 Is he not just too cute?

As long as we had time, Julia demonstrated her idea for the wing on this bird.  Knotted Ground Stitch.

Very cool technique.

Look, the bird can fly!  He has a wing.

Sue. thanks for letting us document that anything really is possible.
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