Wednesday, August 08, 2012

What a difference a frame makes

The Pear Collage is back from the framer and I love it.    This is the same frame that I used on Spring Bunny but in different colors.  How cool is that?  It looks radically different.

This is a lucite frame.  You pick the pattern, pick the background color and the pattern color and even the lip color.  They mold the entire frame as one piece.  The engineering is really amazing.  Voilá  we have a frame.

Yes, it is busy, but the collage is all about pattern so I'm okay with busy on this piece. :-)  I wanted something contemporary. It's so hard to find contemporary frames.  I'm in love with this line. You will be seeing more of it.

You can really see the depth and illusion of the frame in these two photos.

And for everyone who thinks I have totally lost my mind, here we have the pears frame in total elegance.  This was stitched by my friend Sue who totally rocked the piece keeping up with me on every lesson.  I do love it framed in gold too!

What a difference a frame makes.  The gold would look so out of place in my house.  The lime may look out of place in yours. 

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