Friday, August 10, 2012

Whimsy and Beads Oh My!

I've been thinking for a long time about offering beading classes at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  The time has come!

I've followed a glass artist/beadworker for years.  Her style is so me!  Her colors are bright, her lampwork beads are whimsical and happy.  She's even been known to have pink streaks and sparkles in her hair.  How could anyone but Sylvie Lansdowne be our first teacher for beadwork at the shop?

We are pleased to invite you to two bead classes the weekend of September 29/30.  Choose one, choose both.

On September 29th we will be having an earring party!  Choose any two of Sylvie's earring designs and be well on your way to having new fashion accessories in no time!  Don't wear earrings?  Change out the findings and have a great pendant - one for you and one for a gift.

Cirque du Sprout
available in colors shown plus hot colors and maybe black and white

 Enchanted Blossom
available colors:  Cool*, Hot,  Jewel, Grape*, Tropics -
The starred ones are those in the photo.

Pretty Petals
available colors:  Hot, Cool, Mix, Black and Silver (really cool!), 
Khaki Bronze and pinks/corals with softer greens.
 Whimsical Wheelies
available colors:  Hot, Cool, Mix, Black and Silver (really cool!), 
Khaki Bronze and pinks/corals with softer greens. 

On September 30th we will be making the Flora Florette bracelet.    The base of the bracelet is tubular Peyote and then we get to embellish with beautiful lampwork flowers!  How cool is that?

available colors:  Hot (coral, red, lilac, pink and a touch of yellow)  Cool (turquoise, lime, purple and a bit of blue)  Bright Mix (lime with turquoise, yellow, coral-y pink and a touch of purple), Black/White/Silver,  Sparkly Bronzes

Prices and times are on the Visiting Teacher page of the website.  I know this is sort of last minute but I do hope you will join us.  It's going to be a fun time and hopefully just the first of many visits from Sylvie!

Most of Sylvie's beadwork projects do include Peyote Stitch so a little background in that would be a good thing. We have great kits from the Fernridge Collection that stitch up quickly and will get you more comfortable with beads if you need a refresher course.
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