Sunday, August 26, 2012

Poofy Heart!

It worked!  I'm so excited. I finished this at 1 in the morning days ahead of class and it worked!

I had this vision in my head and I thought it would work but I really hadn't tried it to make sure it would work with needlepoint canvas the way that it works with fabric.  It did!

The heart is now poofy!!!!

We used heavier threads like trebizond, and heavier stitches in the center heart to make it come forward.  There are all kinds of beads in the center - bugles, size 11's, size 14's and 4mm Swarovski bicones in Ada's signature color, astral pink all selected for extra eye-catching detail.  These tricks worked but it was still a subtle dimension.

When it comes to needlepoint, I am not subtle.  I wanted more!  The heart needed to be poofy and really, really come forward.

So, it is padded!  It's padded from the back which is so much easier than padding from the front or applique.  You are going to love this.

Now the heart curves and comes forward and makes everything just a little poppier! Keep in mind, this will only work if you plan on finishing your Garden Party Heart as a pillow.  It won't frame nicely.

We're off to the finisher now.  More of my crazy vision to share with her.  Will it work?  Will it match my expectations?  Stay tuned, maybe Santa will bring it back finished and hide it under the Christmas Tree.  It would match, don't you know.
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