Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A New Designer Joins the team

Over on the wholesale side of my world, I license the art of talented illustrators and turn it into needlepoint.

The newest artist I would like to present to you is Hal Mayforth.  He has a totally irreverent style to his art that I love.  It's fresh and makes me laugh.  It's the kind of thing I can totally see myself living with.

This is the first group we are introducing.  Some are bound to have stitchguides just as soon as I can get to it.  In case you are curious,  DAMN is in progress thanks to the talented Julia Snyder and Brenda Hart will be stitch-guiding I Bark in class next month.  Oh what fun.  

Maybe we should do Boo! for the Halloween mystery class next year?  What do you think? 
If you want to see more of his art, check out his website at www.mayforth.com.  Let me know which pieces you would like to see turned into needlepoint and we just might be able to make it happen.
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