Monday, September 10, 2012

Lotus Square

Robin King, yes, the Robin King, was at the shop Sunday September 9th teaching Zecca's Lotus Square.  It's such a pretty piece to begin with and then Robin worked her magic bringing it to life.

We had a good group of stitchers for a Sunday afternoon, all excited to learn.

Robin comes to class with a super - duper organized class plan that outlines exactly what we are going to do when.

She patiently answers questions and gives options to each student in the class.

One on one demos are a plus with Robin.  She makes certain that you understand every nuance of the project.

And in no time at all - maybe an hour into class you have the first blossom complete.  Wow!  That's my kinda girl.

Robin is happy to share her knowledge and why she made the decisions she made for each stitch and thread.  That's always such an interesting part of any project. There are so many choices for threads and stitches but one always wins out.

Robin brought her handy dandy flat iron for straightening Neon Rays and was happy to prep everyone's threads.

If you work on this piece for about a week or so, it can be finished!  How cool is that? 

Besides running into class periodically to take pictures, I also run into class to deliver finishing to the lucky recipients.  No, you just can't keep me out.  Here's Sue with a little ornament she finished as a gift. 

If you have the chance to take a class with Robin, I hope you will.  She is lots of fun and lots of talent all rolled into one. Thanks for coming to Baltimore Robin.  We hope you will come back.

This coming weekend will be three days of fun and frivolity with Brenda Hart. Lots more photo ops there.

See you soon.
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