Monday, October 01, 2012

The Whimsy Queen

I've known Sylvie from a distance for more than 10 years.  I was buying her lampwork beads more than ten years ago.  I loved them then and I love them now.

Sylvie is the whimsy queen.  Check out her Head over Heels creations.  This is the Queen of Hearts. How clever is this?

I was so  excited when Sylvie agreed to come teach at the shop.   We were finally going to meet!  I knew we would hit it off.  We have a similar aesthetic and genuine love for all things COLOR!

She was here this past weekend introducing us to the world of teeny tiny seed beads and the magic that can be made from them.

Sylvie is incredibly patient and has such a fun creative vision.

Saturday was earring day.  In the morning we learned how to make Cirque du Sprout earrings.  Great lampwork beads with fun beadwork embellishments.  I have one earring complete!!  Well almost complete.  I need to assemble it.  Did I mention the beads are tiny?  They seem smaller when you are simply sewing them together than when you are sewing them on needlepoint canvas.  I do love the look and as soon as I find another half day I might have a complete pair.

In the afternoon we made Enchanted Blossoms.  These are super cool and very easy.  Sylvie explained how there's a center stem with a loop at the top and fringies along the sides.  Great demo, she was the leaf.

Sunday was the Flora Floret Bracelet.  It's embellished with flowers tiny to large. The large ones are Sylvie's gorgeous lampwork flowers. 

We made a little skinny peyote stitch tube for the bracelet base.

Did I mention how tiny these beads are?

For those like Dawna and Susan who can already bead beautifully in their sleep, Sylvie had a few new tricks up her sleeve for starting and stopping.  So, cool.  Now, let's just hope I remember these details.  

And of course Sylvie had to sign the new autograph board.  I thought it would be fun to have one board for the needlepointers and one for the beadworkers.  Of course if my wish comes true and this all morphs together we're going to need a third board.

We talked her into a few little doodles as only Sylvie can doodle.

Thanks for coming to visit Sylvie.  We learned a lot and had a great time.  We hope you will come back again!

I am the boss of the beads..... I am the boss of the beads.....  I am the boss of the beads..... 

I'm practicing!  See you soon.

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