Sunday, October 07, 2012

And Now, A Word from our Sponsors

This photoshoot has been temporarily interrupted by a four-legged furry.

Richie likes to supervise.  He particularly likes to supervise the lights.

Works for me.  He is awfully photogenic but every mom thinks her kids are beautiful.

Once he was out of the shot, we were able to take pictures of the areas of Broom Parking that we addressed in class today.  This is lesson #2 of the Broom Parking Mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.

When class started I promised that today would be easy.  No counting!!!!!  Nothing hard to see.  Of course, once you think about it, no counting in needlework means embroidery or random!  Words that tend to trike fear in a needlepointer's heart!

Everything that we did today was more embroidery than needlepoint.  And as far as I was concerned bigger was better with today's stitches.

We added seams to the witch's stockings.  And we added the spider.  I love the spider.  Two minutes of work for big impact.  He's scary and furry and so cool.

The brooms are easy - split outline stitch.  Of course the brooms are large so I did grouse about how much beige I had to stitch.  The brooms are completely stitched using Burmilana and then embellished with a limited edition silk raffia that I had made especially for this canvas.  That's just one of the fun things about joining the party early;  sometimes there are these extra special threads and embellishments.  Look at the size of my stitches.  The raffia is 2" long is some spots and the stitches of Burmilana are almost an inch.  We're going for drama here, not refined detail so big stitches are cool.  (If you are planning on stitching this as a pillow you may want to make your stitches a little smaller.)

The spiderweb is another quick and easy addition to the canvas. A large silver twist is tacked in position to form a magic spiderweb.

Here it is all in one place.  The drama is starting to come to life. 

Background complete - check.
Midground mostly complete - check.
Foreground to come!

Next installment of the Broom Parking Mystery Class, two weeks from today.  See you then.
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