Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Needlepoint Fairy

She's finished.  Oh my!  Isn't she just the coolest?

I asked Sheena to stitchguide her for us.  She did an amazing job.  Not only did she write the guide, she stitched every last inch of her.   She even brought her to class with Brenda Hart so that we could have a sneak preview.

Linda was fascinated by all the fun little details.

Our fairy's hair is perfectly styled and accented with needles and needle threader.  She needs to be ready for all of life's stitchy emergencies.

The large green area is a stitch that Sheena designed called Ruth's Brocade.  It looks like so much fun to stitch.

We were at a loss for how to make the spools of Kreinik look like spools of Kreinik until the obvious hit us;  attach real spools of Kreinik!  One of those moments of obvious clarity.

The threads for this canvas are bright and yummy and so much fun.

The stitch guide is ready!  For a limited time, all canvases ordered will ship complete with a small collection of embellishments including the tiny scissors hanging at her waist.

Thanks again Sheena, you did an amazing job.

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