Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moon Dance

Talk about spook-tacular.  This is Moon Dance by Sandy Gilmore stitched by Linda with stitches by Brenda Hart.  Truly the planets aligned to magnificence.

When Linda started this canvas she really, really didn't like beads. Brenda challenged her to 10 beads a day.  Now, thanks to a beaded skeleton, she can't get enough!

Each detail is more interesting than the next.  The path is stunning.  The grass is magical.  We even added hot fix crystals to the sky.

Linda took her time working on this for several years with Brenda so that each section was perfection.  It is finally finished and just in time for Halloween. 

We had it framed and the framing just makes it sing.

It's spooky and sparkly and oh-so-special!  Great job, Linda!

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