Monday, November 05, 2012

Can we bottle her?

Wow, every time I spend the weekend with Julia Snyder I am more and more impressed.  That girl's got ideas!!!

And she's fun! 

We didn't really get a lot of stitching done.  We picked her brain and took notes.  Pulled threads, laughed and giggled.  Not a lot of stitches to show but trust me they rock.

This Charley Harper cat is going to be so cool when finished.  The background will be one of Julia's fun Tent Stitch patterns.  Yes, I just used fun and Tent Stitch in the same sentence.  Mark it down, it may never be heard again.

Lot's of ribbons and more ribbons for the Jean Smith lion.  How cute.

Mindy joined us for her first class.  Love the stitches on this owl   She did a great job.

Santa's bag will be stitched entirely in the spatula stitch, allowing all the shading to show through!

The showstopper of the class was this canvas by Renaissance Designs.  Lots of tiny areas to embellish, but check out the border!!!  How cool is that?

Until next time!


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