Friday, November 30, 2012

Enabler's Anonymous

Let me tell you a story...

I received a phone call one night from two stitchy friends, Kathy and Barbara, from the West Coast.  They were were conspiring.  They realized that they enable one another in so many ways.  Not only is there the obvious, "you have to see this canvas", "oh this would be perfect for your next class with Brenda Hart",  but there's the emotional enabling that only the best of friends can do.

The request was made for a logo.  A very special logo for the Enabler's Anonymous club.  

I knew immediately how I wanted it to look.  I designed it and sent it off for review.

They loved it!

Next came the request for painted canvases, snap trays and frame weights.   A few months later and all the pieces were combined.

Everything was sent to the ringleader, Kathy, she was the only one who knew what her plans were.  

And plans they where.  There were 10 of everything!!!  She stitched the first Enablers canvas, beading the black letters and adding a little sparkle.  Wrote her stitchguide and began masterminding what was certain to become the event of the century in our corner of the world.

Beautiful quilted bags were made in coordinating colors of ultrasuede to showcase the new needlepoints.

Gift bags were packed and the party was planned.  All of Kathy's enabler friends convened one evening for a party.  Each attendee had her own bag of gifts lovingly assembled by Kathy.  This was her above and beyond thank you with love to her girlfriends.

The girls giggled and gasped and loved all their gifts.  A new project bag, a canvas with stitchguide, frameweight and snap tray.  Oh the fun!

The fun didn't stop there.  Kathy had prepared a giant box to be sent back to me.  Now, I knew about the canvas, frame weight and guide but I didn't know about the bag or the presentation.  I was told to schedule dinner out with another master enabler, our friend Sue. Bring my laptop.

And so, dinner was scheduled and I arrived with two big shopping bags and a laptop.  We watched the powerpoint presentation with Kathy on speaker from California.  I am sure the men at the next table thought we had lost our minds.

Here's what the powerpoint said.

"Once upon a time
…….two friends were sitting in the lovely Pacific Northwest after a day of stitching and talking and needlepoint website surfing.   They got to laughing about how each had occasionally (OK, often) gotten each other into trouble -  in a needlepoint sense of the word.  They realized they really were enablers for each other when it comes to this wonderful craft/pastime/habit.
One thing led to another….including a call to another enabler on the east coast (even though they had no business calling the east coast at that hour).  The east coast enabler was commissioned to design a logo for the group that was about to be formed:  
   Enablers Anonymous
Of course wine was involved……..  why do you ask?!
  You know you are an enabler when….. 
You post photos on your blog of the “perfect for my new kitchen” canvas from Lani….
You create the most wonderful, can’t be resisted, “who knew I wanted a nesting bird canvas” mystery classes….
You send an email that says the trunk show has arrived and there are two canvases that won’t be going up on the walls because they already have my name on them…..
You send an email saying Ruth is evil – which, of course, she isn’t – and we both end up ordering canvases!
You come into class and drop screen shots of wonderful Charley Harper designs on the table…within my view…and close to someone who can get them painted for us…on 18 count no less…..
 You do canvas research for me instead of playing with gasoline….
You keep telling me it’s perfectly fine to own a canvas that will make a future daughter in-law blush….
You teach me all things new and wonderful about threads and stitches….
in between shopping advice on purses and jewelry….
You support all my stitching adventures and creations…..
even when you do not stitch that much yourself!
Enablers Anonymous
You know who you are………
Thanks to all of you around the country who have enriched my life in so many ways.  
I treasure all of you!"

The most generous of gifts from the most generous of hearts.  This was an amazing adventure and one that can continue to be fun.  You never know when another enabler gift will be added to the enabler kit or when another very special enabler will be found.

Love to you Kathy you continue to amaze us!

If anyone is an Enabler or knows an Enabler and would like any portion of this fun ensemble for their very own, call us at 410.296.0405.
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