Sunday, December 02, 2012

What does a Polar Bear in the Snow look like?

Got your attention didn't I?  Well, that's what I feel like we have created so far.  A very sweet, very delicate snowman in the snow.  He's soft and ethereal.

Today was the first lesson of the Zecca Snowman mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  We focused on the snowman himself.  He's not quite finished but we made a good start.

This little guy is completely beaded. Here's the cool part.  Well, at least I think it's cool.  The same beads are used on both his head and his body.  But there are more beads on his head making it more solid and, drum roll please.... making it come forward in front of his body.

Obviously his nose and pipe are padded, that's easy to make them pop forward.

The background is a RANDOM (I couldn't resist) pattern of super easy snowflakes in a very light shimmery aqua.

I promised that as this was our holiday mystery I would keep it relatively easy in the stitching department. Hope you have fun.  If you want to chat with others in the class, there's a group over on for just that purpose.

Here's the exclusive limited edition snap tray for Snowman class participants only.  It's just the cutest.  A little retro and a perfect match to the canvas.  It even has crystals!

And look, what is that?  A snowman button snap to hold your laying tool.  We have plenty in stock so if you need a last minute stocking stuffer or just a fun gift for yourself, give us a jingle.

I got a little carried away, 'Tis the season you know.  We also have a few (a very few) snowman scissor fobs.  The one on the left is $45 and the one on the right with swarovski crystals and sterling silver is $95.00

In addition to the snowman button snaps we also have other patterns of Holiday cheer available.

We'll meet back here in two weeks for lesson #2 of the snowman mystery.  More sparkle to come.

Until then you know I'll be posting whatever whimsy strikes my fancy.

Happy stitching.
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