Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Biodiversity in the Burbs

We all love Charley Harper and the latest of his epic pieces to be converted to needlepoint is Biodiversity in the Burbs.

It's quite large, but quite spectacular.  27.5" x 34.5" on 18ct.  If you tackle it one animal/flower/thing at a time, it really isn't so bad. Imagine the gratification of getting the deer done or the flamingo.

So, okay while Julia Snyder was here in mid July we decided to bite the bullet.  Biodiversity now has a stitch guide and a fabulous wonderful mountain of threads. 

Ribbons and overdyes and metallics and rainbow galery and and and the list goes on and on.  All too cool.  Julia did such a great job with the stitches.  It makes me want to stitch it and you know I don't do big.

If you are interested in a little Biodiversity of your very own, give us a call.  410.296.0405.

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