Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sparkles are a good thing

Happy Holidays Everyone!  There are just eight more days until Christmas.  Are you ready?

We took a break this afternoon from holiday prepping for Snowman Mystery Class #2.  

I amped up the party just a bit with blue velvet cake.  How could I resist?  It's the perfect shade of blue to go with the class project.  And all of you ladies who support my designing and come to class deserved a special treat.  Wish you all could have come.

This was an easy class.  The white borders are padded and sparkly!  The turquoise background is a simple zig zag that mimics the triangle trees and is worked in the most luscious of overdyed silk perle from Australia.

His face is framed in sequins that look like a broadway marquee.

He's a cute little guy and I'm so happy we are stitching him.

Next up we start stitching trees!  So many possibilities....
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