Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mystery Make Up Days

Yesterday was our very first Mystery Make Up Day!  We had a great time.

Eight of the most fun ladies convened in the shop for catch up on their unfinished mysteries.  The models are here. I'm here and you get to pick my brain.  Hours of uninterrupted stitching time with friends.  So fun.

Some brought the current zecca snowman to get ready for next sunday's class.

Poinsettia Lady came back to play.  She needed her beaded hair flower sculpted.  Broom Parking students came as did the deco cat.  It was a very fun mix of projects and friends.

And once in awhile a new project was irresistible and had to be added to the works in progress.

The next Mystery Make Up Day is March 2nd.  We'd love to have you join us.  


gilly said...

What fun, I was with you in spirit & had a make up day in my sewing room on Sunday working on Poinsettia Lady :)

Ruth Schmuff said...

Oh good. So glad you could join us!

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