Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I love cupcakes!

I've always loved cupcakes the more frou frou the better.  Give me coconut any day or peanut butter and chocolate or just all chocolate or yellow cake with chocolate icing, woo hoo!  And of course if you add sprinkles or chocolate shavings I am even happier.

Finally. we have cupcake stores.  I know many of you have had cupcake stores for years but its only been the past year or so that we finally got them.  Heck, bakeries in general are in short supply around here.

Imagine my delight being a cupcake lover when Melissa Shirley announced her cupcake club!!!

So cute, so yummy.  Calorie-free and all in pink and white!  

I hope you will consider joining us for this fun 6 month club.   Club will start in April.  Each month we will send you one cupcake canvas and stitchguide.  See website for all the details.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Charley Harper!

Breaking news!  There are new Charley Harper canvases arriving any day in the shop!

 Do Something Wild is 10" x 22" stitchpainted on 13ct.

  Friends of Our Family is 24" x 21" stitchpainted on 18ct. 

Owl on the Prowl is 9" x 9" stitchpainted on 13ct. 

Pfwhooooooooooo! is 12" x 17" stitchpainted on 13ct. 

Gorman Heritage Farm is 12.5" x 16.75" stitchpainted on 13ct. 

Zoo Babies is 14" x 14" stitchpainted on 13ct. 

They are all on the website ready to tempt you.  If you would like us to send one your way, we are only to happy to do so.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Goddess Is Here!

Bastet, the Egyptian Cat Goddess has joined our ranks today.

She is svelte and gracious and exudes elegance and grace.  In ancient Egypt she was the goddess of protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits.  So maybe while we work on her she will protect us from the last of the flu season :-)

Today was our first day of this Mystery Class.  Everyone had a really good time.  They even beaded in class.  No one beads in class.   This time they did as what else could they do when our goddess is completely, beaded?

I wanted her to look as though she was a carved statue, not a living breathing cat.

She is covered in three shades of beads with accents of metallic thread for the gold swirls and her sparkling eye. It really does sparkle.  I will try to get better pictures of that.

The beads are sewn on with a brick stitch which makes it go much more quickly than traditional row beading.  I love the look and I love the way it feels.

The snap tray designed for this class is awesome.  Love the colors.

All class participants receive the exclusive Flying Scarab magnet.  You know we love our magnets.

We also have a very pretty scarab scissor fob but it is sooooo shiny I haven't been able to get a decent photo yet.  Trust me, it is great and the price is right at $45.00

I can't wait to start stitching the next lesson.  She needs her environment filled with great stitches and threads.  More will be revealed in two weeks.  Until then, happy stitching.  If you are ready to join us I have a few spare canvases with more on the way! Give us a call at 410.296.0405 and we'll pack her bags and send her your way.

Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a Christmas Mystery with a Twist

What's a girl to do?  I love Christmas and there just isn't enough time at Christmast to do all the stitching that's on my mind.  So many of you have said the same thing.  You just don't have time over Christmas to join in all the stitching games.

So, I got to thinking (with the help of a few friends) what if we do a Christmas Mystery with a Twist! We will stitch at a nice lesiurely pace.  A little here, a little there.

Here's the canvas that will be our very first Christmas Mystery with a Twist.  Melissa Shirley's brand new Christmas Village!

Here's how it works; all classes will be long distance! We will send you everything you need to transform this happy holiday wonder into a Christmas heirloom. The stitchguide and supplies for one section at a time will be delivered at roughly 3 month intervals. I am planning for 7 to 8 lessons.

All the other fun details of our mystery classes will remain the same. We will post close up pictures here on the blog and continue to maintain our discussion group for the mystery on stitcherie so the only real change between our mysteries with a twist and our regular mysteries are the time frame. It will be a little loose.
Canvas design area is 20 x 8.5 handpainted on 18ct. Class cost is the price of the canvas plus $15 per lesson and the threads, beads etc. necessary for that lesson. The canvas cost for this design is $305.  As a special holiday gift we will give 20% off on this canvas!

You will need stretcher bars.

* A $150 non refundable deposit will be required. Balance due when we send the first lesson. 

Lessons will start in May.  Please give us a call at 410.296.0405 to sign up early so your canvas is here in time for you to start with me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mermaids and more

Sandy Gilmore is an amazing artist.  She is truly one of the gems of our industry.

She designed this gorgeous mermaid tuffet. Stitch 4 panels and a center button, finish with beautiful fabrics and trims and you have a tuffet worthy of, well, a mermaid.  Ideally, if you are going to stitch and finish this to be used I would suggest all tent stitch.  If you are planning to stitch it just to be looked at and enjoyed, I say have fun, don't worry about functionality!

All of this got me to thinking that perhaps it didn't need to be just a tuffet.  A phone call and a few months later, look what arrived.  Four individual panels.

Stitch one, stitch two or three or all four.  The choice is yours.  I've written stitchguides for all of them.  The fun part is that no two mermaids are alike! 


Just look at all those yummy threads.  I chose relatively open stitches for the background so that most of your stitching time is focused on the mermaid and her kingdom.

We're happy to send these to a new home by land or by sea. :-)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Energize your creativity

Orna Willis is a gem! A unique, one-of-a-kind gem.  She designs the most elaborate and stunning counted thread designs but she's so much more than that.  She adds unexpected elements to her designs and challenges you to leave your comfort zone and journey with her to a place filled with beautiful colors.

We were fortunate to have Orna teach at the shop yesterday.  It was a class we have had before but it was so much fun we did it again and would happily do it again and again.

Our journey in color allowed us to translate photos into color.  Color into threads.  Threads into a design.  How fun is that?

We each started with a choice of two photos from a magazine.  We selected one, usually the one that wasn't in our comfort zone and pulled threads to tell the same color story.  Here are some of the palettes.  This was only the first part of the challenge.

Once the colors were selected the challenge changed.  We started stitching.  We used a small design that Orna supplied and used our threads and beads determining which would go where.  

Here's the design we were following.

And here's the start of several stunning pieces. 

The piece above is mine.  I know, not my colors at all.  The alternate photo was lime and orange and totally me.  But again, this is about stretching your boundaries.  I was handed this photo and knew I had to go with the one that wasn't me as this was the photo that Cleta used in the last class.  How fun would it be to interpret the same photo but focusing on different nuances of the colors.

Yes, I am a color geek among other things. 

The two pieces are related, similar but different.

Here's Cleta's finished canvas from our class in May.  Stunning!

I'll post both of our versions again when I finish mine.  Don't hold your breath.  It's on the to do list but several things are ahead of it.

Until next time.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Color, color and more color!

Tomorrow is the day!  Orna Willis comes to teach us her color theory class!

Doesn't this look fun?  Greens and aquas and limes and olives.  Oh My!

Or what about peaches and roses and melons?

It's a day of color fun.  If you are in the area, stop by.  Orna brought us an impromptu trunkshow and lots of fun models.

I'll post class pictures, but it would be so much more fun if you would join us.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fun Frames!

I generally think you can't go wrong with a Zecca canvas.  Each one is more fun than the next.

This is the lotus blossom canvas painted on 13ct.  Yes, 13ct.  It comes with a stitch guide written by the one and only Robin King.

Add to that canvas great stitches and threads and the result is something unbelievable!

Here's Robin's finished piece in a lacquered box by HP Designs.

Now, let's kick it up another notch.  I framed my version in a fabulous patterned frame. 

I love the addition of another pattern to the piece!  And you know I love lots of color.

It's a fun piece to stitch.  If you would like us to send it your way you can order online or call us at 410.296.0405.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

What to do?

Now that we are in the full-blown magnet craze, the question is what to do with them on the off chance they aren't in use on a WIP?

Why not a magnet board?

Available in two sizes and assorted colors.  The small boards are 6.5 x 8.5 and have holes around the edges so that you can embellish with ribbon if you want.  Wrap it around the edges or just tie through two holes and make a big bow.  You know I love bows. $12.00 each.

The large boards are 14 x 11.  $20.00 each.  All magnet boards have built in easels so they stand nice and sturdy.

And if you need new magnets.....
We have nutcrackers
rubber duckies
sheep in black and white

plus many more to come. 

And don't forget our exclusive magnets bees, frogs and snowflakes. 

Happy Sunday!
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