Sunday, February 10, 2013

Energize your creativity

Orna Willis is a gem! A unique, one-of-a-kind gem.  She designs the most elaborate and stunning counted thread designs but she's so much more than that.  She adds unexpected elements to her designs and challenges you to leave your comfort zone and journey with her to a place filled with beautiful colors.

We were fortunate to have Orna teach at the shop yesterday.  It was a class we have had before but it was so much fun we did it again and would happily do it again and again.

Our journey in color allowed us to translate photos into color.  Color into threads.  Threads into a design.  How fun is that?

We each started with a choice of two photos from a magazine.  We selected one, usually the one that wasn't in our comfort zone and pulled threads to tell the same color story.  Here are some of the palettes.  This was only the first part of the challenge.

Once the colors were selected the challenge changed.  We started stitching.  We used a small design that Orna supplied and used our threads and beads determining which would go where.  

Here's the design we were following.

And here's the start of several stunning pieces. 

The piece above is mine.  I know, not my colors at all.  The alternate photo was lime and orange and totally me.  But again, this is about stretching your boundaries.  I was handed this photo and knew I had to go with the one that wasn't me as this was the photo that Cleta used in the last class.  How fun would it be to interpret the same photo but focusing on different nuances of the colors.

Yes, I am a color geek among other things. 

The two pieces are related, similar but different.

Here's Cleta's finished canvas from our class in May.  Stunning!

I'll post both of our versions again when I finish mine.  Don't hold your breath.  It's on the to do list but several things are ahead of it.

Until next time.

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