Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Charley Harper!

Breaking news!  There are new Charley Harper canvases arriving any day in the shop!

 Do Something Wild is 10" x 22" stitchpainted on 13ct.

  Friends of Our Family is 24" x 21" stitchpainted on 18ct. 

Owl on the Prowl is 9" x 9" stitchpainted on 13ct. 

Pfwhooooooooooo! is 12" x 17" stitchpainted on 13ct. 

Gorman Heritage Farm is 12.5" x 16.75" stitchpainted on 13ct. 

Zoo Babies is 14" x 14" stitchpainted on 13ct. 

They are all on the website ready to tempt you.  If you would like us to send one your way, we are only to happy to do so.

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