Friday, March 29, 2013

Gadgets Galore for Easter and More

You know we love our gadgets.  If I was making Easter Baskets for you I would fill them with all these cool gadgets and more.  Wouldn't you love that just as much as chocolate?

We have super cute new magnets in stock from Elizabeth Turner Collection

and Accoutrement Designs.

They are all so cute.  My collection is growing!  Might be time to install magnet board Number 2 in the stitching studio.  We have hot pink and lime and lavender and white and red......

My new most favorite gadget is the Bead Buddy!  Too cool.  It's a clear little box with a lid on the front and a magnet on the back.  Stick it to your stitching and your beads are close at hand.  This will make your beading so much faster.  You will wonder how you lived without it.  The best part is the sticky stuff in the bottom of the tray.  It's just sticky enough to hold your beads but not so sticky it leaves goooo behind.  PERFECTION!  You will need one for every project.  You know how I feel about beads.

As long as we are attaching things to our canvases, don't forget the Button Snap.  It too is magnetized to attach to your canvas and has as little loop of elastic to hold your laying tool in place.

All of these goodies can be found in the magnet section of the website.  Just click here.

If you have a magnet in mind that isn't pictured, just give us a jingle and we'll see what we have.

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