Monday, March 25, 2013

The Marvelous Miss M

Ok, that's not the most original blog title but you get the point.  The one and only Meredith Willet was here this weekend teaching and Oh My!  My, Oh, My! what fun we had. 

She is just so darn cute.  Check out those dimples.  She is the original southern belle.  So gracious.  That's all I can say.  She is giving of her time and her talent.  We loved having her here.  She will be back!

She has millions of creative ideas. Things that we just wouldn't have thought of without her.  She demonstrated bullions and all kinds of knots.  She did write the Knots Fur and Turkey Work book that I love, so who better to demo French, Colonial and Chinese Knots.

Meredith loves gold work and managed to get our education of goldwork started.  She taught us Or Nué.  So, very, very cool.  Perfect for so many things. 

Hmm, maybe I'll work it in to a mystery class.  In a general terms you lay rows of metallic thread across a canvas or area of canvas and couch it in place following the colors of the canvas below. 

Meredith demonstrated the concept masterfully and got us all excited about this new technique.  The  vase on this canvas will be Or Nué and it is going to rock as soon as Wendy finishes it!!!

It's a very old technique and perfect for one of the letters on this banner.

 Two days of intense stitching and it's finished.  Thank you Sue for the photo op.

The only downside to Or Nué is that it requires two needles for every color in the area.  It's an excellent way to make Spaghetti.

Originally there wasn't any Or Nué planned for this canvas but you know, why not stitch that beautiful swirled band across the center of the canvas in our new favorite technique?  The lizard will be completely beaded!  Love it!  Check out the details on the donkey on top of her head.  The trims are perfect.

Or Nué wasn't the only cool technique.  Check out the stitches on the girl with the bunny.

There's a lot going on in this bright geometric but it's going to be wonderful when Linda finishes it.

I love, love, love the loose Bullions that make santa's beard.  This makes me want to get one of my santas on bars.  Judy is going to be in beading heaven with all the fun details on santa.

Love the sail!   I barely blinked and Palma had a tree done.  Love the tree.

Linda picks canvases that are larger than life and this Mother Goose by Tapestry Tent is no exception.  It is big.  Check out the swirled stitch in the clouds and the trip on the dress and the feathers on the goose.  Oh My!

One of my favorite techniques was Repoussé.  It's really a metal work technique where you push the metal from the reverse to make it push forward.  Remember the heart in the center of the Garden Party Heart Mod Collage?  That was Trapunto.  Repoussé is very similar.  It makes great, fabulous, wonderful vines and trees and all kinds of goodness.

Thank you again, Meredith for sharing your talent with you.  We had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see you again.


Jeannine B said...

Wow, everyone of those techniques was over the top!! Fantastic. I would LUV to take one of her classes! Very exciting!!

Horse Show Drama Mama said...

I love spaghetti and I love stitching. Therefore, the Or Nue is right up my alley! I can't wait to try it.

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