Sunday, April 07, 2013

Beaded Messages

It's fun to wonder what the hieroglyphics on the Egyptian Cat Canvas mean.  Now thanks to my Hieroglyphic Alphabet Decoder we can decipher the mystery.

On the left we have
A Eagle    Z Cloth    N Water    N Water    R Mouth    J Cobra

So perhaps an Eagle was caught in a cloth, fell into lots of water where he met his demise in the mouth of a cobra.

Maybe this is just too silly.  So, on to details of today's class we go.

Today was the 4th lesson of Bastet, our current mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  We're in the homestretch now! Yes, that was my one and only baseball reference :-)  Today's class was odds and ends, The upper border, the columns and the hieroglyphic panels.  Nothing profound or challenging.  Just easy stuff to give your eye a place to rest while looking at our girl!  She is awfully regal and soon to be even more grand when her jewels arrive.  She didn't want them to get dusty while waiting for the carpentry of the columns to be finished.

The most fun for me was the beading of the hieroglyphics!  They are just regular beading but there are two shades of cream; a shiny cream bead and the same frosted bead used in the shading on the cat but this time sewn on with cream thread instead of black.  It's a whole new look!  I couldn't decide that I liked one color/finish better than the other so before you knew it they were both in play and I love it.

Next lesson is in two short weeks.  We have the bottom border to finish and her jewels need to come out of the bank vault.  Oh and maybe I should finish lesson number 3.  I still only have 1.5 lotuses complete. 

See you soon.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

When I went to put my Eagles t-shirt into the washing machine, I opened my mouth in a scream when a cobra was found inside.

Ok, not much more sense, but the heiroglyphics look great regardless.

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