Sunday, May 26, 2013

Odds and Ends, Canvases and Threads

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Hopefully everyone got some stitching time in today.  Lesson #2 of Aquamarine Mermaid, our current mystery class is ready to roll.  She's totally glam and sort of sultry.  I'll pack kits this week so we're ready for Sunday's class.

I've been working on the Row of Ladies, Our Mystery with A Twist, I know you thought I forgot about the girls and their party.  Well, I didn't.  The fifth lady is complete!  Guides are written, most of the threads and beads are here and ready.  I just need my Kreinik order and then she can show off her dress for the party!

The Christmas Mystery with a Twist is coming along too.  Lot's of fun ideas for this one too. 

So, since I can't share pictures of any of these projects yet I thought I would show pictures of a couple of Diane Dirks newest canvases that we pulled recently.

Boston is a great summer fun, baseball canvas if you love Boston or the Red Sox.  (OK, that's as much sports talk as I can muster.)

Handpainted on 13ct we were able to pull really fun threads and textures for this canvas.  Check out the mother of pearl stars for the flag square.  That's my favorite part.

Diane also designed this amazing take out purse.  You stitch and bead and crystal the painted parts, we send it off to the finisher and she folds it up to make your very own take out purse/evening bag.  It's big enough to hold your cellphone, a lipstick and a credit card.  Perfect!  We selected light stitches for the blue areas and lots of beads and crystals for the amazing patterns.

Have a great day tomorrow, try to find a few moments to stitch something fun and colorful.  See you soon.


lewmew said...

You realize that's a basketball, not a baseball, on the Boston canvas? :')


lewmew said...

You realize that's a basketball, not a baseball, on the Boston canvas? :')


Ruth Schmuff said...

details, details. I am so not good at sports but isn't the b part of the boston red sox baseball logo?

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