Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Goddess Returns

Bastet is back from the framer!  We have two entirely different versions to share!

Mats and frame in a traditional format vs a two tiered color and black frame.  So, cool.
Bastet, the Egyptian Cat Goddess by Tapestry Fair was our first Mystery Class for 2013!  If you missed her, it's not too late.  We are happy to kit her and send her your way.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fabulous Frippery and Baubles by Zecca

You know I love everything Zecca.  What’s not to love?  Color.  Pattern.  Whimsy.  Every inch of a Zecca canvas is fun to stitch. One day Karen (aka Zecca herself) and I were chatting, let’s do a club!  And the rest as they say is history.

We hope you will join us on this unconventional monthly club starting in December.  Each month you will receive an ornament and stitch guide to celebrate the month.  Use these ornaments to decorate your tree or simply scatter their joy throughout your home year round.

The club starts December 2013. 
Sign up at www.BedeckedandBeadazzled. com

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Catty Caterpillar by Sandra Vargas

I just had to show you this canvas and threads. My oh my how cute is this?

This is the Catty Caterpillar canvas by Sandra Vargas with all the wonderful threads we pulled.  There isn't really a stitchguide, it's mostly self explanatory - follow the colors as painted in Tent Stitch.

Each pair of shoes is a different texture
Mandarin Floss makes great wooden shoes
Neon Rays Plus for galoshes
Petite Very Velvet for the uggs
Burmilana for the high tops
and Neon Rays for elf shoes.  Elf shoes have to shine.

We used Fuzzy Stuff for his body

My most favorite part are the flowers.  Heart beads with green oval shaped sequin leaves.  Pretty cute!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The "R" Word

Got your attention. 

Bet you think the "R" Word is Random.

Sometimes the "R"  Word is Raisin.  Interesting how it causes almost the same reaction in most needlepointers. That's just some of the silly trivia that comes up in class at the shop.

We have a great time when Julia Snyder comes to town!  She's such a fun girl.  Always happy and full of clever ideas.

Here's the start of one of her sayings canvases.  The letters are beaded and each stripe will be a different laid filling stitch.

The needle deeva cat is going to be oh so cute with the ribbon flowers.

Sarah brought several AT holiday signs that are going to stitch up very quickly thanks to Julia's fun ideas.

The starfish on this maggie canvas is going to be awesome!  Needlewoven petals, a Jessica in the center that will cage a large swarovski flat back crystal.  How cool is that?

 Check out the feathers on this owl.  Love them!

Julia demonstrated a Palestrina Knot to create a fabulous border across this Wise Man.  I love the combination of embroidery and needlepoint. 

Thank you Julia for sharing your talents and giving us two very fun days.  We'll see you in October. 

There are still a few spaces left if you would like to join in the fun.

Friday, July 19, 2013

What's New?

New Mystery Classes, that's what's new!

We started Blue Moon last weekend.  We love Zecca canvases and this has been  a long-time favorite.  It's going to be a fun stitch filled with surprises.  You can see what we did by clicking here.

Since we have this one underway it's time to announce the next mystery.  This is the project we will stitch from late September to early November.  Think Halloween.  Think Fall, or just think fun.  Because that's after all what this is about.

For Fall 2013, the Mystery Class will be Boo! by Hal Mayforth.   He's a little retro, a little funky, totally me.  So, it's going to be the perfect mystery class for Fall! 

Consider it a Halloween piece and bring it out just for a little yearly amusement or think of it as vintage art and it stays out year round.  Who knows how we will stitch this little guy.  I'm starting to get ideas!  Best part is that the canvas is painted on 13ct.  It's going to stitch fast!

Classes will be September 22, October 13 and November 3  Sunday afternoons from 1-3pm

You may also sign up for this mystery long distance and have us send it to you in installments.

More details are on the website. Hope you'll join us.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sometimes it takes a village.

I mentioned in the last post how much I liked the stitch that Brenda Hart gave Carole for her cookie baking lady.

I knew it was exactly the stitch I wanted for the moon on Blue Moon.  So, I drew it out and started fiddling with the traveling path.

Generally I think most traveling threads can be hidden in the finishing so I don't lose a lot of sleep over it.  (I know, the needlepoint police are going to strike me down for that one.)

This one intrigued me.  Should it be worked like Alicia's Lace or like 4-Way Continental?  In diagonal rows or zig zaggy?

Alicia's Lace

4-Way Continental

Or should it be worked like a Blackwork Pattern.  Blackwork was the winner in my mind.  It held my attention span!

Floating Diamonds

But now, what to call it?  I sent the charts off to my friend Ann Strite-Kurz and asked her.  She is one of the blackwork gurus.  She had the same quandry.  It's not really Alicia's  Lace and it's not really 4-Way.  So in the end we called it Floating Diamonds.

That's not the end of the story....

In to my mailbox comes the following images!  Ann has been playing while watching tennis.  Creating variations of my variations of Brenda's stitch.

The top one is my stitch as  I diagrammed it but with the addition of the little over one stitches in the pattern.  And of course worked in two easy to see colors.  Not my two almost the same colors for the oh so subtle, I think I am going blind effect. 

This is a counting error variation of the original stitch that I love!

Yes, even in needlepoint sometimes it takes a village.  Thank you Brenda Hart, Thank You Ann Strite-Kurz. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Blue Moon
You know just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold

Blue Moon
Now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart

Here we go again, I'm posting the lyrics to Blue Moon so that they can be in your head. :-)

For now, the Zecca Blue Moon canvas that is our current mystery class is all about the moon.  It's exactly where we started in today's class.  A big shiny moon that glows oh so quietly in the dark.  Yes, it glows.

I had this idea.  I wanted a subtle glow in an open stitch.  So first I called Sally at Rainbow Gallery and asked her what the chances were of getting Petite Silk LamĂ© Braid in glow in the dark.  Done!

Then I chose a stitch that Brenda gave Carol for the background of the Cooking Baking Lady from Maggie in our last class.  I loved that stitch and really wanted to use it.

Then I just couldn't stop.  I added another layer to the stitch with a different thread and violá a new stitch is born.  I've got more to say on that topic but will save it for the next post.

After the moon, the next area I wanted to tackle was the tree. It's full of texture and dark.

Here's today's class progress, moon and tree. 

Just wait until you see what's next!

OOOH!  And now for the go-withs! We have super cute owl fobs in several different varieties.

And of course, owl snap trays.  Isn't her face just the cutest.  You know she's the girl owl that our boy owl is serenading.   :-)

Until next time.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What did you do yesterday?

Here's just one of the more fun things we did at the shop yesterday.

Emily and I pulled threads and wrote a stitchguide for Con Su Tortugas by Tapestry Fair.  It's got a a lot of fun threads and beads as you can see.  Lots of fun stitches, open fun backgrounds.  It will be on it's way to Candace today!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Yes, I have friends that just basketweave :-)

It's true.

And they do a beautiful job of it.  Check out this zecca canvas.

This canvas is also available as the coolest ever growth chart thanks to Zecca!

Friday, July 05, 2013

And now for the go-withs

Two days ago I posted the first lesson of the Melissa Shirley Christmas Village Mystery with a Twist!  It's a very, very fun canvas that we are going to stitch in segments.

With each mystery class there are presents!  I love getting and giving presents.

Each student received a reindeer magnet.  Love this little girl!  These are our gift to you for joining the class.

You may have noticed that I love designing little limited edition goodies to make our stitching more fun and colorful.

I love that they are limited.  Here today and gone tomorrow making room for something new and special.

Exclusively for you ladies in the Melissa Shirley Christmas Village Mystery with a Twist Class we have the cutest ever Christmas Snap Trays.  If you didn't already order one, now that you see them I know you will fall in love.  Cute.  Cute.  Cute!

And then, just because we couldn't stand it a minute longer we had to have coordinating bead snap trays. They are just the cutest!!!

These two items are exclusive to the club members.  If you are in the mystery class, you may order the twinset (snap tray and bead snap tray), just the reindeer snap tray or you may order just the bead snap tray if you have already ordered the snap tray.  Wow, that's a mouthful.  Sorry for the confusion. 

Don't worry if you aren't in the club there will be more super cute twinsets coming for Halloween and Christmas and just everyday fun! 

For everyone looking to decorate their scissors with a little Christmas fun we have scissor fobs! 

There are pretty fobs with lampwork beads for $35 each.

 And Sparkly reindeer fobs at $44 each.  Start your Christmas shopping early with these great fobs.

All in all we are ready for Christmas in July!  Call us at 410.296.0405 to start your holiday fun!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Christmas in July!

What better way to celebrate our nation's birthday then by celebrating Christmas.  Hmmm, maybe I have my holidays confused :-)

No, matter.  The first lesson of our Holiday Mystery with a Twist has shipped!!!  All those lovely Melissa Shirley Christmas Village canvases are on their way to your home.

Here's your first kit - a large project bag for threads and a mini one for beads.  They hold all the necessary supplies to stitch the sky!  I decided we should stitch the sky in all it's blue-ness first.  It's a big area and better to get it over with early.

The sky needed to be a small stitch and as the canvas is sort of whimsical and not realistic I decided that a fun pattern was okay for the sky.  We have a tiny check pattern.

You know I love beads, and if you need a mini bead bag for the beads in the project this is going to be a beady one.  The moon is beaded in a fun mix of white beads.

Puffs of smoke billow into the sky.

 The reindeer prances on a blue path across the canvas.

It's a good chunk of the canvas complete and ready for the embellishment to follow.  Next up we'll play with color and maybe stitch a house!

Here's wishing you a safe and happy 4th of July.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Cool down. Think Snow....

Here he is, our favorite snowman back from the finisher in four variations!  Three pillows and a frame.  I can't decide which is my favorite.  Totally different feeling to each piece.  Thank you ladies for letting me post.

This was our holiday mystery class for 2012.  He is a very fun stitch!  If you would like to order the Zecca snowman kitted we are always happy to make care packages.  Just give us a call or drop us an email.

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