Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Catty Caterpillar by Sandra Vargas

I just had to show you this canvas and threads. My oh my how cute is this?

This is the Catty Caterpillar canvas by Sandra Vargas with all the wonderful threads we pulled.  There isn't really a stitchguide, it's mostly self explanatory - follow the colors as painted in Tent Stitch.

Each pair of shoes is a different texture
Mandarin Floss makes great wooden shoes
Neon Rays Plus for galoshes
Petite Very Velvet for the uggs
Burmilana for the high tops
and Neon Rays for elf shoes.  Elf shoes have to shine.

We used Fuzzy Stuff for his body

My most favorite part are the flowers.  Heart beads with green oval shaped sequin leaves.  Pretty cute!

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