Friday, August 30, 2013

Exclusively Ours and Galactically Sparkly!

You know I like my sparklies.

And you know I love my cats, so I put my little head together with Lisa of Accoutrement Designs and we are delighted to offer you Kitty magnets and Kitty Scissor fobs.  They are all sparkly and girlie and pink, the perfect combination.

The magnet is $16.00

$44.00 for the fob, scissors not included.

And as long as we were celebrating my love of cats we decided to also celebrate my favorite food. 


Maryland is known for it's blue crabs.

And once they are steamed they are red.  :-)

If you would like to adopt a fur free pet kitty or pet crab, give us a call at 410.296.0405 and we'll send your favorites to you.  Or order on line by visiting the magnets link on our website or the scissor fob link here.

Whether your magnets match your canvas or match your mood they are just plain sparkly fun. :-)


karen said...

Oooh!!! Must have the kitty magnet!!!

Sheena said...

Have to have the Kitty and Blue crab!! Fabulous, put aside for my trip :)

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