Monday, September 30, 2013

One Lucky Girl

Sometimes you reflect on how lucky you are in life.  This weekend was just that time.

As I sat in the classroom watching Brenda Hart work her magic I was struck by how lucky I am.  Not only do I get to do what I love for a living and get to learn from so many talented teachers but I spent the weekend surrounded by all of my best friends.

Here's part of the group and all of our accoutrements!  Wow, there's a lot of stuff.

 Kathy and Sue tag-teamed Brenda on Charley Harper's Coral Reef.


 You know you are in trouble when half the canvas has to be rolled up.

Pat was having a great time working on the Melissa Shirley birdhouses at the beach.  Such fun areas for stitches. 

She kicked the colors up a notch which is always a good thing in my book.

Sometimes a canvas needs a color consult.

Linda decided to deviate from her typical Halloween canvases and go for Christmas!

The giant Charley Harper wasn't enough for Kathy so she challenged Brenda to stitchguide the Stitching Witches by Melissa Shirley.

Talk about a fun piece to stitch!  Each area is its own little gem.  Great canvas by zecca with stitches by Brenda.  What a combo.

Wendy has all her stitches for this fun Hal Mayforth canvas.

Kathy is working on a sugar skull from ryn.  We had a great time adding beads and crystals!

Love this Santa by CBK.  All of the swirls on his coat will be beaded!

I'm not even going to ask what kind of mischief these girls are getting in to.

But it does look like they are having fun.

And of course our favorite girl Graffiti was here.  She didn't do much stitching, but she was loved by all.

Ladies, you rock!  I love you all.  Thank you for being my friends and for coming to play this weekend.


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palma said...

Heartbroken :(

Maybe I should give it to Ducky - late onset ADD

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