Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Invasion!

What happens when one person stitches fifty-one 2.5" circles of halloween fun and five 4" circles. 

An invasion happens, that's what!

This is only one each of the different small spider designs.
Ann stitched multiples of each! Each leg (sorry, I couldn't resist) of her family received its own instant Halloween display.

The family that lives at the beach received this group
with the giant spider ready to join them in the sand.

Here is the devil spider and his minions.

The queen and her court.
 A traditional trick or treater.

And finally a witch with a wart on her nose.

How fun is this?  Who could choose? 
These are AT canvases finished as spiders to sit in spider leg cupcake holders. 
So, simple, so clever, so cool.

Happy Halloween!


Steph's Stitching said...

What a fun idea! I love it.

Patricia Laguarida said...

I LOVE YOUR spiders!!! do you sell the canvases in your store? or where could I get them... i hope you reply thank you

Ruth Schmuff said...

Yes, we have spider canvases in stock for you to stitch. Give us a call at 410.296.4045 and we can tell you which we have.

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