Sunday, November 03, 2013

A very special visitor, or two

Today's class was such fun.  Not only did Boo! our friendly ghost make his final appearance before heading out to the finisher but this little guy came to visit too!

Meet Moke.

Moke is a dear little rescue dog with such good stitching etiquette.   He just curls up and chills out.

Or hangs on mom's lap.  He's welcome anytime.

Ahhem,  look at me!  Can't you just hear our little ghost trying to get our attention? He's the star you know.  Wiggling his hands.  Flashing his glowing personality, he is now complete.

His background is all sparkly in Silk Lamé Braid.  I never thought I would love an all metallic, multi-colored background this much.

We filled the upper marquee with lots of texture;  a really fun stitch that moves along quickly.

And check out the funky little mountain our guy is standing on.  Crazy fun.

Another mystery is off my plate and off to the finisher.  This means I can start a new one!  Woo Hoo!

See you soon

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