Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stitcherie Games 2013

Stitcherie Games Viewers Choice 2013

Wow, how time does fly!  Thanks to the creative imagination of KB over on we launched a challenge in January 2013.

The rules were simple.  Grab a canvas from your stash with at least 10 areas to stitch.  Each month a new clue was released and participants were challenged to interpret the clue in relation to their piece.

The results were clever, oh so clever.

Here's the clues that had to be followed.
January - Shape Up
February - Cheese
March - Pearl
April - the Seven
May - Road Trip
June - Oh, Heavens!
July - Independence
August - Pie
September - Decorative Stitch
October -  Plant Fiber

Here's the results, the stitched canvases that showcase the clues.

Now it's time for the Viewer's Choice Award.  It's your turn to vote for your favorite stitched canvas.  Choose your favorite, click the button above the photo and the vote now button at the bottom of the page.  Let the games begin!  A winner will be announced on the 16th of December!

Angel stitched by Judy0%
Bunnies stitched by Kelly W.0%
Model A stitched by Melissa MacLeod0%
Bird Song stitched by Nancy Kenealey0%
Sweet stitched by Susan Alcorn0%
Merr Deer stitched by Lynne Dale0%
Asian Rider stitched by Judy Gartman0%
Nutcracker stitched by Debra Steaffens0%
Flying Sheep stitched by Mary Tod0%
Shells stitched by Barbara Bass0%
Witch stitched by Ada Haydon0%

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