Monday, January 07, 2013

Just another day in the neighborhood

Or in this case, another three days filled with fun, friends and lots of creativity.

Brenda Hart was here this past weekend teaching embellishment classes.  We always have such a good time with her.  She's so creative and so fun. 

In no time at all Palma was stitching on this Alice in Wonderland Collage from Lani.

Judith brought this graphic American Indian canvas from Treglown Designs.  It has a limited color palette but stitched it is a wow!

My carrot can can dancers came out to play.  Their bodies are lemony.  Their heads are beaded radishes with great head dresses.  So fun!

This canvas is from a series by Leigh Designs.  Great opportunities for fabulous stitches and color.

Gale brought a floral canvas that is destined to be a pillow on her sun porch.  All of the petunias are slightly different pattern stitches with beads and metallics.  Very cool.

Jane was working on a reproduction of a painting. There's a lot going on in this canvas but it's going to be great with all the new threads and patterns added.

Lynda is starting a fun new Zecca tree.  We all love Zecca!  Barbara, oh no!  I didn't take a picture of her canvas or Wendy's.  OOPS!  More cool canvases that will appear on a future blog.

 Everyone has a good time in class!

Sue and Brenda are conspiring how to bring this great pair of Maggie Renaissance Frogs to life.  As usual Sue tested a lot of threads and stitches in class.  The look great.  Ribbons for the drapes are the perfect touch.

Lynda brought her finished Maggie from the last Brenda class she took. Check out all the fun details.  Flowers in the wallpaper,  fuzzy kitty.  Love the leaves on the plant.

Just because I like to drop hints and see if anyone reads to the end of my posts, we planned the next mystery with a twist.  It's the canvas that I started stitching in class and well, one thing led to another and everyone wants this canvas.  So stay tuned, when the Row of Ladies is finished there will be another fabulous canvas that will be a Mystery with a Twist. 
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