Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I love cupcakes!

I've always loved cupcakes the more frou frou the better.  Give me coconut any day or peanut butter and chocolate or just all chocolate or yellow cake with chocolate icing, woo hoo!  And of course if you add sprinkles or chocolate shavings I am even happier.

Finally. we have cupcake stores.  I know many of you have had cupcake stores for years but its only been the past year or so that we finally got them.  Heck, bakeries in general are in short supply around here.

Imagine my delight being a cupcake lover when Melissa Shirley announced her cupcake club!!!

So cute, so yummy.  Calorie-free and all in pink and white!  

I hope you will consider joining us for this fun 6 month club.   Club will start in April.  Each month we will send you one cupcake canvas and stitchguide.  See website for all the details.

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