Friday, March 22, 2013

Barbara's Belleza

Wowza!  One word says it all.

Take an exceptional canvas, 

add threads and stitch choices by the one and only Brenda Hart,

add patience and beautiful stitching by Barbara and a few more stellar ideas and you have a knock out piece fit not only for the Day of the Dead celebrations but any room that needs a pop of color.

Barbara started with some threads and stitches that I suggested and then brought Belleza to a Brenda Hart embellishment class.  

 Brenda worked her magic focusing on a few key areas that really brought the canvas to life.

What to do with the back of the mirror?  Why not applique a beautiful piece of fabric and edge with trims.

 And now she is framed!  She is amazing.  Thank you, Barbara for sharing her with us.

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