Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jewels Fit For A Goddess!

Today was the last class of Bastet the Egyptian Cat Goddess.  She was a huge undertaking as a Mystery Class.  I try not to do canvases that are this large but this one was well worth the effort.

I still have a little more to do  and will post her glamor shots when she is really done.

Today we beaded her collar.  I knew from the start that I wanted to incorporate real beadweaving techniques into the collar.  I love beadwork and I know enough to be dangerous.  Not enough to design or to do anything big, but enough to keep buying supplies and kits.  Yes, another addiction.

The upper and lower rows of her collar are Ladder Stitched with Tilas and Seed Beads.  OK, so next life I will figure out how to bead the entire collar.

When I look at this canvas, I see the statue of Bastet sitting gracefully in a shrine.  The upper borders with the lotus corners are being held up by the columns and the bottom border is front and center and really needed to be fit for a Goddess.  Lots of color changes and careful counting bring this area to life.

Here she is, just a little more stitching and she can go off to the  framer.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.  Next up is Aquamarine Mermaid.  She's a cutie.

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