Monday, May 20, 2013

New Friends and Old

I love my life.  Okay, somedays I complain about this or that, but I really am quite happy.  I have the best friends, the best job and I'm lucky to be able to create and hang with the ever talented ones.

This weekend was one of those special weekends where we had a teacher come to the shop for fun and frivolity.  Not only did our  regulars come to class but we had lots of new students and have made great new friends.  We hope you all will come back often!

Julia Snyder was the leader of our Magical Mystery Tour this weekend.  Julia works with each student to select threads and stitches for a canvas of their choosing.  Part of the fun of the class is the variety of styles of canvases selected.  If you watch what she does with other canvases you come home with fresh new ideas for canvases in your stash.

Barbara selected a Mindy canvas. Julia has her stitching Diamond Rhodes stitches in each of the diamonds so that they look quilted and pop up.  They fit perfectly and look great!

JoAnn brought the Table Manners canvas from Maggie.  This is an oldie but a goodie.  It has lots of detail.  Unfortunately there are so many details that not a lot of stitching got done :-)  I bet she'll share with us when more is complete.

Rhonda thinks she is a relative newbie to needlepoint but I think she's been stitching in her sleep for years!  She's doing a beautiful job on this Melissa Shirley butterfly.  It's going to look stunning framed in her home.

Check out the antennae!  Julia has the best ideas.  I do wonder what she will do if Arctic Rays ever vanishes from the market. :-)

Patty is working on the Zecca Owls which will be sooooo much fun.  Ribbon feathers and fuzzy feathers, crystals and more.  Sooooo cute.

Sue started this dog stocking topper.  I love Strictly Christmas.  She packs so many fun details in to a canvas but doesn't make it impossible to put stitches in. 

Check out the tree and the candle and the garland!  The cuff is almost finished!

We stitched and ate our way through two fun filled days.  Patty surprised us by bringing cake for dessert and it was amazing.  It's Butter Cake.  So, yes, you feel like you are just attaching sticks of butter to your thighs but it is worth every calorie.  California Pizza Kitchen has a version on their menu and it's my favorite dessert.  Not sure how Patty knew that, but she worked bakery magic for me.

All in all it was a fun weekend.  Thanks for coming.  We can't wait to see you all again soon.


P.S.  For those who will get this, the dots are mostly gone!

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