Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fuzzy, Colorful, Sparkly Cresent Owl

You know what happens when we start pulling threads for a canvas.  The wheels start turning and the ideas start popping.

This is the latest canvas to have a stitchguide written for it and wait until you see the stitches.  It is the crescent owl by Sandra Vargas. 

The threads are yummy with all sorts of textures.  The owl has to be fuzzy, no? 

The background will be mostly open so that all the cool shadows will show through. 

The crescent moon is dotted with Rhodes Stitches and beads.

My favorite thing is the clouds.  I love the curly cues in the clouds.  They will be couched Memory Thread.  But wait, the color changes from green to blue mid curl.  Oh no!  What's a girl to do?  We'll just have to be creative and custom make some memory thread.  Pretty cool.

You can order the canvas and guide here.  Or if you would like to see more of sandra's designs, click here.
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