Sunday, June 02, 2013

A day at the salon

Today was Aquamarine's day at the spa.  She needed her hair styled for the photoshoot and while she was there she had her makeup done too.

We started class by stitching the seahorse.  One stitch and one thread over the little guy.  He's cute and bumpy.  My favorite part are the beaded picots along his back!

Next up we styled her hair. First you have to basketweave  her hair and then......

We added big sweeping curls made from Wonder Ribbon.  Wonder Ribbon is sheer magic.  It's a tubular mesh but unlike Flair if you stretch it it stays in it's new shape.  Wowza!

Start with a length of Wonder Ribbon in a size 18 needle.  Tie a knot at the end and secure it on the reverse.  Bring your needle up at the end of a curl and allow it to swoop into position.  It came off a spool so it will want to curl.

Stretch the ribbon width-wise to make it full and fluffy.  (If you pull it too much you can stretch it back, no harm, no foul.)  Now with a single strand of invisible thread or a single ply of silk or floss tack one side of the ribbon in position.  You just need enough stitches so that if the wind blows it doesn't mess up her hair.

I love this stuff!  It's instant gratification.  Bing, bang, boom and her hair is fabulous.  (Ok, after you basketweave the base.)

Next up is her tail.  How pretty and sparkly can it be?  See you soon.

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