Monday, June 17, 2013

So Much Creativity, So Little Time

Here we are, Monday afternoon.  The one, the only Brenda Hart is in the air, winging her way West.  We have soooo much fun when she is here.

There's the laughter and the fun and friendship, old and new.

There's the shopping.  Yes, the master enablers were here encouraging new projects to be adopted and then there was the retail therapy that Brenda and I get in to on our nights off.  That is another story :-)

Mostly there is soooo much creativity packed in to three short days.

Pat has started stitching the new Bye Blue Finches by Eleanor Grosch.  It's turning out great.   This photo in no way does it justice.  She promises to share her notes so that we will have a stitch guide.

Brenda loves to demonstrate stitches and design on the fly.  Here she is with Sarah and the Zecca Pink Bird.

Mom brought the Zecca Fall tree back for a few more embellishments.  This is going to be a knockout when finished.  She is now a master at Bullions. 

Check out the padding on this girl! And the beaded curls in her hair.  Each area of the canvas is a new little gem.  Carole is loving all the fun stitches.  We love that she spent her birthday with us!

Sue loves the Hal Mayforth canvases and put her vote in to stitch Dreaming of Opposable Thumbs.

I love the stitch choice for the body of the dog.  You know I love polka dots and I am going to have to use this somewhere.  Just saying :-)

Wendy got a lot accomplished on this Lani iris collage.  I love the pink and black stripes at the top.  The stitches and threads really pull the design together. 

Look at how much Kathy got done on this Lani geisha!  Such cool stitches.

Pat also worked on the Zecca Owl family.  We all love this canvas.  It was suggested several times as a mystery class but I thought it was a little big.

Check out the beaded feathers.

Buttons for eyes!

Palma is a self proclaimed collage-aholic.  Lani does great canvases that are composites of little gems that are so much fun to stitch.  Here's the center of the gourmet collage with the stitched fruit.

 She brought Alice in Wonderland to visit.  This was started not too long ago in a Brenda class.  Brenda picked most of the stitches and then Palma ran with it.  Gorgeous work Palma.

Until next time.  Stitch on!

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