Thursday, June 20, 2013

Got Apps?

For all of my iphone and ipad loving friends we now have 3 apps to keep your stitches at hand 24/7.

iStitches Volume Three was just released!  Go to the app store and type in iStitches and you can download one, two or three volumes!

There are different stitches in each Volume so you will have lots of choices with you. They are great resources when traveling.  If you need a stitch, just hop on to your phone or ipad and with a few quick swipes you can see the diagrams of exactly how to do it.

The stitches are arranged by Name and by Type including straight, diagonal, crossed and tied, decorative, laid fillings, blackwork, darning patterns and eye stitches.

The apps are designed for the iphone but with a click of the 2X button they are big and pretty on the ipad.

Here's to always having your stitching close at hand!

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