Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sometimes it takes a village.

I mentioned in the last post how much I liked the stitch that Brenda Hart gave Carole for her cookie baking lady.

I knew it was exactly the stitch I wanted for the moon on Blue Moon.  So, I drew it out and started fiddling with the traveling path.

Generally I think most traveling threads can be hidden in the finishing so I don't lose a lot of sleep over it.  (I know, the needlepoint police are going to strike me down for that one.)

This one intrigued me.  Should it be worked like Alicia's Lace or like 4-Way Continental?  In diagonal rows or zig zaggy?

Alicia's Lace

4-Way Continental

Or should it be worked like a Blackwork Pattern.  Blackwork was the winner in my mind.  It held my attention span!

Floating Diamonds

But now, what to call it?  I sent the charts off to my friend Ann Strite-Kurz and asked her.  She is one of the blackwork gurus.  She had the same quandry.  It's not really Alicia's  Lace and it's not really 4-Way.  So in the end we called it Floating Diamonds.

That's not the end of the story....

In to my mailbox comes the following images!  Ann has been playing while watching tennis.  Creating variations of my variations of Brenda's stitch.

The top one is my stitch as  I diagrammed it but with the addition of the little over one stitches in the pattern.  And of course worked in two easy to see colors.  Not my two almost the same colors for the oh so subtle, I think I am going blind effect. 

This is a counting error variation of the original stitch that I love!

Yes, even in needlepoint sometimes it takes a village.  Thank you Brenda Hart, Thank You Ann Strite-Kurz. 

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