Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Christmas Mystery Revealed

You never really know what is going to float my boat for a mystery class.  I try to keep them all different but still things I like.  Trust me that's hard.  I push you out of your comfort zone and sometimes I push me out of mine too :-)

So, now when you least expect it here's the totally whimsical, totally silly Holiday Mystery Class revealed!

This is a brand-spankin' new canvas from my very own line.  I really want to stitch this one.  Look at all those patterns.  Can you say beads?  and crystals?  and bling a ding ding. 

And how can you look at those birds and not giggle?

So, if you are new to the mystery class game, here's how it's played.  

Classes will be November 24, December 15, January 5 and 19  and February 2 Sunday afternoons from 1-3pm

You can sign up to come to class in person or to have us mail you the class in segments.  Each lesson is shipped the Tuesday after class is held.
Canvas design area is 11.75 x 9.5 handpainted on 18ct. Class cost is the price of the canvas plus $15 per lesson and the threads, beads etc. necessary for that lesson. The canvas cost for this design is $218.00.

You will need 14 x 16 stretcher bars.

No one knows what threads, stitches and accoutrements will appear in the class until the last minute.  That's part of the fun.

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