Monday, November 18, 2013

New Faces, Old Friends

A great time was had by all!

This was out last visit of 2013 by the incomparable Brenda Hart.

Oh my! the ideas she has.  So, clever.

The stitch selected for the Ewe and Eye Candy Rush makes the snowman skiing look like he is speeding down hill even faster!

There's lots of great consulting and exchanging of ideas between Brenda and her students.

Here's just part of the outcome.

 This Joy Juarez canvas is beautiful painted but wait until you see the stitches! 

The Zecca Librarian needed bullion feet and a beak.

Monte and Kate came to visit for the first time.   
It's so nice to put a face (or in this case, faces) with the name.

This is Shadow Dog from Eleanor Grosch.  Love it!  Check out the stitches. 
I think I am going to have to stitch this one too.  It will of course have a stitchguide.

Linda is making progress on the elephant bath.  This piece is huge!

How cute is the wreath on this snowman.  The canvas is 12 ct! 
That's going to be one super cute, quick to stitch holiday pillow!

The highlight of the yesterday was unveiling Palma's Alice in Wonderland table.  It is exquisite!

 Here's student and teacher studying the masterpiece.  Great job ladies, you make an amazing team.

Our girl Graffiti didn't feel much like stitching.  She just wanted to relax. 
This is the one place she comes without her sisters :-)

Wish you all could have been here.  We won't see Brenda until January I'm sure she will have stored up all kinds of great ideas by then.

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